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Entry 006-18: ACPI Lost

It was an open door, seemingly an opportunity for the taking. They offered me a 6-month scholarship for 2D animation after passing the CAT test for KPITTC in Novaliches, QC sponsored by ACPI and the LGU where I’m working. With no formal education on traditional drawing I got a mediocre 2-star rating to qualify. Psyching myself as the approved stipend put me in very tight situation where I’ll probably eating at sidewalk turo-turo, bed spacing and out-of-pocket expense for the fare and training materials.

Traditional animation is something I always wanted since my comic’s day up to my present anime life! To cut the story short, I wasn’t even qualified to the standard set for scholarship by COA (utility worker on temporary status), simply put, if push comes to shove I’ll quit my job in order to qualify.

Ohh well… as they say “hope for the best and expect for the worst.” Thank you God for showing me the path more clearly now. In the end, it seems everyone wasn’t ready to grub!